About us

The RESET Standard is created and administered by GIGA, who aim to improve indoor environments and occupant health on a global scale. RESET combines the development of live monitoring and cloud software to increase the visibility of building health data. RESET simply requires measuring and recording data to enable solutions to be found. It wants to be on the leading edge of technology that is making spaces healthier for occupants and the wider environment. We do not expect clients to have in-depth knowledge of our technology or how to interpret the data, rather RESET provides a guiding hand in this process. RESET is accessible to all of those who are willing to really get to grips with the air quality of their buildings. RESET does not tell clients what they can and cannot do, rather our aim is to inform clients, so they can then make their own decisions.

Our Purpose

The purpose of RESET is to inform clients on the quality of air in their buildings and in what they produce by measuring, displaying, and comparing data. Additionally, to facilitate building networks between providers and professionals. Finally, our purpose is to inspire others and ultimately affect change that will benefit the wider society.

Our Vision

The vision is for owners and inhabitants of buildings all over the world to measure every necessary detail of their building’s input and output. This includes but is not limited to, air quality, waste, materials, and energy. We believe that with more data will come more awareness of the problems we face in our built environments. Following this, more of us will be engaging with finding solutions to our air quality problems.

Our Mission

The RESET Standard intends to unify the industry to push for more monitoring. Following this RESET aims to nudge the industry towards regenerative designs that are effective and beneficial to the ecology, society, and the economy. Additionally, by pushing for RESET to have an international presence, we are aiming to unify people from all of the world in our strive for creating healthy indoor environments.

Why do we care?

You may be asking yourself why RESET cares about assisting in creating healthy buildings and healthy indoor environments. Here are some reasons why:


By creating healthy built spaces for ourselves our actions will also be beneficial to our planet, which we have a responsibility to protect. This is in reference to both flora and fauna which rely on the ecology of the planet being stable and sustainable as much we do. We are fully aware how lack of regard for the environment around us and prioritizing profit, industry and development over this responsibility has led to negative repercussions. RESET is concerned with acting to undo the damage caused and leave a positive legacy.


Linked to our ecological concerns, is the issue of how we need to provide healthy spaces and a sustainable world for our children. It is widely known that how we source our energy is unsustainable and devastating for the natural environment. In addition to this, our obsession with burning fossil fuels has led to various health and social issues. For example, respiratory diseases and enhanced inequalities depending on how polluted your city is. If current trends continue it is possible other issues will arise such as mass urban outward migration.


RESET is looking at ways that implementing monitoring can yield economic benefit. One area of concern is how workspaces with bad air quality leads to workers being less productive due to the effect of pollutants on cognitive function. Other issues include missed work days due to sickness from being exposed to bad quality air.