RESET™ launches in the UK

February 9th, 2017 11:26


RESET™ launches in the UK
GIGA and Verdextra partner to launch RESET™ in the UK


RESET™ is an affordable, scalable, technology driven building standard and certification program focused on real-time data for human health and wellbeing. It is used to assess and communicate the health performance of building interiors, both new and existing.


With people representing 90% of operational costs for most of today’s companies, creating healthy, safe and productive interiors for occupants has become a critical concern for tenants and building owners.


Tracking indicators that impact both productivity and health, RESET provides critical insight into the ROI of healthy buildings, positively impacting the ability of companies to attract tenants and talent, as well as the financial value of real-estate.


Merging intelligent building technology, cloud databases and healthy building science, the RESET Standard extends to standards for hardware, data-communication, installation, maintenance and operations, while empowering scale and affordability.


Developed in Asia and launched in 2013, RESET was developed to guide stakeholders in creating healthy buildings within the world's most challenging environments. Applicable to indoor spaces globally, RESET has since grown internationally and as such, is the world’s first building standard to do so from Asia. 


RESET has been adopted by many of the world's largest property developers, financial institutions and tech companies.


Verdextra bring in-depth experience of managing both buildings, software and data projects, providing a unique collaborative point for the launch of RESET in the UK launch.  The week of 6th March will include a number of activities, including an evening introductory presentation and a full day training for those wishing to become an Accredited Solutions Provider (ASP).



About GIGA and Verdextra:

GIGA is an independent third-party specialized in the development of building standards and cloud-based assessment tools with the mission of making healthy buildings affordable and scalable. RESET is developed and administered by GIGA.

Verdextra is a boutique consultancy offering financial, operations, sustainability and end-to-end healthy building services. Verdextra brings 15 years of experience within the real estate, banking and telecommunication sectors, with a strong focus on delivering long term efficiency, health and productivity measures for our clients.



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