Shanghai Central Plaza "RESET+LEED" Double Certification Ceremony

June 18th, 2019 15:30


On May 28th, Wanzhang Capital's Central Plaza held a revitalization conference with the theme of “The Beauty of the Center, Only for the Bloom of the City” in mind. Alongside this conference, took place a momentous double certification ceremony for “RESET+LEED.”


Participators of the event were:

Lu Jun- Chief Operating Officer of Wanzhang Capital; Executive Director of Asset Management Department of Wanzhang Capital Co., Ltd.

Liu Yinghao- General Manager of Shanghai Zhongqu Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Raefer Wallis (Pan Chaoyang)- Founder and CEO of GIGA Green

Xu Chenbo- Head of Market Transformation and Development of USGBC Great China Area

Pan Lili- General Manager of Health and Living Department at RESET and LEED Consulting.



Pictures from left to right: Pan Chaoyang, Liu Yinghao, Xu Chenbo


Central Plaza is located in the most prosperous downtown area of ​​Shanghai. It is located in the historical and cultural reserve, close to People's Square, adjacent to the Shanghai Grand Theatre, and no more than 300 meters from the Shanghai Municipal Government. The building was built 20 years ago by Hongshen and his family and was known as the "focus point of the Shanghai Center." Twenty years later, the building was acquired by Wanzhang Capital and embarked on a sustainable development journey. It took eight months to complete the upgrade for the electromechanical system and establish a sustainable operation without disturbing the normal operation of the building. The maintenance system can dynamically monitor and evaluate the environmental performance of the building's air and energy saving, based on real-time operational performance.



On September 4, 2018, Shanghai Central Plaza became the first project in Shanghai to conduct real-time performance monitoring through the Arc platform and obtain LEED v4 version O+M Gold Certification. Continuing this success, on October 1, 2018, Shanghai Central Plaza became the first project in Shanghai to receive the RESET Air Core and Shell v2.0 Certification after three months of air data review. This all highlights Central Plaza’s commitment to sustainable development and attention to the health of their residents.


Raefer Wallis

GIGA’s founder and CEO



“Central Plaza is not only the first project in China to receive “RESET+LEED” double certification but also the first project in the world to receive double certification. Many people are talking about healthy buildings today, but no one can come up with exact data, especially data from a third party, to prove whether the building is healthy. We are very pleased that the Central Plaza under Wanzhang Capital can take this step first and apply third-party data to prove that the building is healthy. This project demonstrated Wanzhang Capital’s full transformational capability. Wanzhang Capital has upgraded a building with a history of 20 years to that of a level of building performance that may not even exist in many newer buildings. The operating mechanism of the RESET core casing is to install the approved monitoring equipment into the fresh air purification equipment. The fresh air purification equipment collects data every minute, and then transmits it to the RESET platform for analysis. This is an ongoing process that demands higher requirements on the operation of the building."




Liu Yinghao

Executive Director of Asset Management Department at

 Wanzhang Capital Co., Ltd.

General Manager of Shanghai Central Real Estate Co., Ltd.



“As a stock property in the core area of ​​the city, Central Plaza can guarantee both the continued normal operation of the residents and the rebirth of the building from the inside-out, within two seasons of heating and cooling. This not only improves the energy efficiency of the operation but also greatly improves the residential experience. These two topics are inseparable. This can be seen from the deep exploration and discussions of urban renewal by our asset management team and our commitment to sustainable development. With the increase of existing buildings in the city, changing and improving the operational and maintenance performance is already an inevitable trend. The positive attempts and efforts of the Central Plaza have won the praise of the residents. We hope to continue to inspire owners, tenants, and society to seek a win-win sustainable model, and also hope to provide the latest template for more urban renewal projects.”





RESET is the world's first sensor and performance driven building standards and certification program. RESET focuses on user health and environmental regeneration, starting with continuous monitoring of material chemistry and indoor air quality (IAQ). When human beings are healthy, our ecology and economy will also be healthy. Indoor air quality data is transmitted to the cloud through multi-parameter monitoring devices and accessed in real time through different devices. This will help create a positive feedback loop and help build trust between employees and customers. RESETTM is developed and managed by GIGA, an independent third-party organization that combines building standards development with cloud software to promote the affordability and scale of healthy buildings.