Becoming a RESET® AP | Lukas Funk, Managing Director & CEO, DBEST

October 15th, 2019 00:00

Becoming a RESET™ AP  |  Lukas Funk, Managing Director & CEO, DBEST


In these new series of articles, ‘Becoming a RESET AP’, RESET introduces pioneers from across the globe who have taken up the mission of creating healthier buildings. These individuals have not just decided to become AP’s (or Accredited Professionals) themselves, but have also extended the certification to their employees, clients and partners, but also integrated it in their business offerings.


Here’s what Lukas Funk, Managing Director & CEO of DBEST (Beijing) Facility Technology Management Co. Ltd. has to say.


What made you decide to pursue becoming a RESET Air Accredited Professional?

As a facility manager, we are not only responsible for well-functioning technology and smooth service delivery, we are also responsible for healthy work environments in which building users feel comfortable and safe.

This includes ensuring that the HVAC systems are regularly maintained so that the air the building occupants breathe every day is clean and complies with international health requirements. The RESET Air certification, and the knowledge behind it, promotes the achievement of healthy, indoor air quality in an objective and transparent way. In both the short and the long-run, the RESET Air certification protects occupants’ health and the building owners’ assets.

As a RESET Air AP, I now have better opportunities to support our customers regarding  indoor air quality issues.

What makes the RESET Air Standard different?

The RESET Air standard takes an in-depth look at indoor air quality by combining international research with other global standards. It is comprehensible for anyone who has some experience dealing with IAQ issues across their projects and/or products and services. With rising awareness of air pollution globally and its impact on health and productivity, I appreciate RESET Air’s Certification approach. By having two distinct Standards, one that is applicable for ‘Core & Shell’ typologies and the other for ‘Commercial Interiors’, the Standard addresses risks unique to both building types and creates opportunities for different stakeholders. Be it facility managers, building owners, managers, solution providers, clients, end-users or simply, the occupants – everyone benefits from having better IAQ data that leads to healthier buildings.

Such a unique, performance-based and pragmatic approach, when implemented at scale, has the potential to change the operation of buildings and facility services for the better!


About Lukas Funk

Lukas Funk has been active in customer services and facility management for more than two decades. Having been trained as an engineer, he has always kept an eye on the operational performance of buildings which has led him to be deeply involved with building certifications and standards for the last ten years. He continuously focuses his time and effort on energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly operation of real estate. In recent years, his spectrum has expanded to include new workplace solutions, healthy, productive and motivating work environments, as well as sustainable workplace concepts. After working in several major German cities for key customers of Apleona GmbH, Lukas has headed DBEST Facility Technology Management Co., Ltd. in China as its CEO since 2014.

Lukas may be contacted through his Linkedin profile.



DBEST Facility Technology Management Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company, set up in 2014 – by Apleona GmbH, Beijing International Technology Cooperation Center (BITCC), and Siemens Ltd., China – to better serve the rapid development of China's economy with world-class technical Facility Management services.

DBEST Facility Technology Management Co., Ltd. together with Siemens Real Estate, launched a “Clean Indoor-Air Initiative” for its customer Siemens Ltd. China. Until now, DBEST has equipped over 55 Siemen’s buildings across China with systems to efficiently purify the indoor air to the benefit of over 7,000 employees.

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About Apleona

Apleona is a leading European real estate and facility manager, based in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main.

Over 20,000 employees from more than 30 countries run and manage real estate in all asset classes, offer development and fit-out services, run and maintain technical facilities, support clients in production and take on many secondary processes. Apleona’s services range from integrated facility management, building technology and interior fit-outs through to real estate, with all commercial services, letting, leasing and marketing of real estate. Apleona has a high level of technical expertise to provide high-quality services for many sectors and industries – focused on efficiency and the long term, and driven by the high quality standards of “German engineering”.

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