RESET Air Data Provider Accreditation for AirVeda Platform

December 9th, 2019 00:00

Leading air quality brand from India, Airveda, is now a RESET Air Accredited Data Provider. This implies that projects pursuing RESET Air certification may now use the AirVeda Platform for managing their indoor air quality data.


AirVeda Platform provides a comprehensive way to manage air quality in buildings. The platform enables data visualizations of real-time and historic air quality data across mobile and web, making it easy to track air quality goals, analyze performance, be alerted to issues so they can be resolved quickly, as well as to showcase air quality data to occupants. The platform also supports automation of building systems, enabling optimization of energy and filtration costs.



Last year, Airveda’s indoor air quality monitor, PM2510CVTH was also certified by RESET for use in Commercial Interior projects, making it the first air quality monitor brand from India to be certified by RESET.


According to Namita Gupta, CEO, Airveda Technologies, "We are extremely excited to be part of the RESET ecosystem with both our platform and the indoor air quality monitors. RESET and Airveda share a common vision of enabling healthy spaces where people may breathe well, live well. This certification enables us to take one more step together in that direction."


A RESET Air Accredited Data Provider is a trusted software provider (data aggregator) that transfers data as collected from monitors to the RESET Assessment Cloud for data analysis and certification.




About RESET® Air

RESET Air is the world’s first sensor-based, performance-driven building certification program where indoor environmental quality is monitored and measured in real-time. Buildings and/or spaces are required to consistently maintain healthy indoor air quality at all times, as defined by the Standard. RESET Air is comprised of comprehensive standards for hardware or sensor performance, installation, maintenance and data communication. 


About Airveda Technologies

In a world where air pollution is one of the biggest health hazards, Airveda was created with a mission to help people breathe well, live well. Airveda is India's leading end to end air quality monitoring solutions provider that enables hotels, hospitals, schools, malls, commercial and residential buildings to manage indoor air quality and ensure clean air for occupants.