Announcing the RESET Initiatives Program

March 11th, 2021 12:00

As a data-driven building standard, we are continuously approached to apply our expertise to specific areas of focus within the topic of green and healthy building. Many of the requests are similar and the fruit of that work is designed to become publicly available.

As a result, we have launched the RESET Initiatives, a sustainable model for implementing research initiatives that benefits the industry. RESET Initiatives is a kickstarter-styled program, pooling resources together from the industry to develop research that is publicly accessible.

How RESET Initiatives Work

A RESET Initiative consists of 3 parts: Deliverables, Grant Sponsors, and Committees.


RESET Initiatives will have clear Deliverables, a list of what the initiative will accomplish and produce. RESET Initiatives are designed to be a public good, therefore, all deliverables from a RESET Initiative will become publicly available.

Grant Sponsors

RESET Initiatives require funding to make them work. The funding will be acquired via grant sponsorships. There are limited slots of sponsors available and sponsors will get exclusive access to the details and process of the initiative.


A very important aspect of the RESET Initiatives is engaging the community. To do that, we have Committees, where RESET invites people in the industry to contribute and guide the direction and implementation of the initiative.

To learn more about the initiative, please go here:

Our first RESET Initiative

The first RESET Initiative will be related to air quality: RESET Index for Airborne Infection Potential.

The RESET Index for Airborne Infection Potential, also referred to as the RESET Viral Index, is an index to inform the likelihood of airborne virus transmission in an indoor space, leveraging research focused around virus transmission and applying it to continuous monitoring.

To learn more about the initiative, please go here:

Or click here to download the one-pager:

RESET strongly believes in creating opportunities for sharing best practices with industry professionals while helping to strategize ways to advance the healthy building industry with other leaders in the industry. That’s why we focus on the data, while bringing the community together to leverage that data.

RESET Initiatives will be one of our ways of bringing the community together.