Improving mental wellbeing with the world’s first RESET & WELL-certified meditation studio

March 30th, 2021 15:00

RESET is proud to announce the achievement of RESET Air Certification for Commercial Interiors (v2.0) for BIRD, the world's first RESET Air Certified meditation studio.

Project Information

Following content from M Moser Associates:

Improving mental wellbeing with the world’s first RESET & WELL-certified meditation studio

As a new wellness brand, Bird wanted its first-ever studio to guide visitors towards greater equanimity by shifting their state of mind from a place of stress and mental clutter, to an environment of clarity, focus, and awareness.

Incorporating a well-considered mix of human-centric elements, we designed a purposeful journey that positions Bird at the forefront of health & wellness, achieving the RESET and WELL v1 Gold certification - the world’s first for a meditation studio.

Project highlights

  • From the moment visitors walk in, the journey is designed to demystify meditation practices by easing people into a relaxed state of mind

  • Different sizes of meditation rooms, each with its own design features, offer immersive experiences fitting a variety of preferences and needs to achieve individual serenity

  • Wellness details are meticulously integrated into the design, creating a holistically healthy environment for all occupants

Easing visitors into a relaxed state of mind

Designed as a healing space from the outset, the welcoming entrance, elevated by soothing sounds of nature, offers a gradual transition from people’s outside environment into a slower-pace atmosphere. As they go through the journey of disconnecting from their phones and sitting in the lounge, this calming environment enables them to slow down their thoughts and readjust their minds.

Individual seats in the public lounge behind the reception are purposely facing views of the surrounding mountains to aid healing of the mind while shielding visual distractions. It also provides a space conducive for personal, short meditating exercises for people to practice on their own ahead of their class.

Moving away from rigid and sharp corners, the studio’s soft-curved walls act as a natural guide, inviting visitors from the reception and lounge into the different meditation rooms.

Designed to make meditation accessible

Each meditation room offers its own experience through design based on people’s level of comfort and familiarity with such practices. After stowing away their personal belongings, visitors are invited to continue their journey in one of five environments: a large group studio (Forest), medium studio (Meadow), two small studios (Valley & Hollow), and an individual studio (Nest).

Transparency is introduced between the lounge and the large “Forest” studio through translucent partitions, whilst also maintaining a sense of security for people inside this meditating space.

Both the large and medium studios come with their own sound and visual systems catering to wider, generally less-experienced individuals. Each room provides soft bench seats with proper lumbar support, offering people choice of comfort to fit their own needs.

Large "Forest" studio

Medium "Meadow" studio

The small “Valley” and “Hollow” studios, as well as the more individual “Nest” room, are designed for advanced meditators seeking a customised experience in more intimate settings.

While both the Valley and Hollow spaces can accommodate up to 4 people, including a Bird teacher, the Nest studio offers an even more personal experience for an individual or a 1-to-1 meditation session, with its own adjustable lighting system and acoustic ceiling panel, enabling people to take full control of their environment.

Left: Individual “Nest” studio
Right: Dimmable lights in one of Bird’s more intimate spaces

Providing timely health support

Considering the ongoing global health crisis, this studio is designed with the needs of clients at its core. Integrating fresh filtered air, an abundance of natural light complemented by circadian lighting, clean water, and biophilia, as well as acoustic ceilings and partitions, ergonomic seats, and natural materials, everything is created to soothe the mind and improve happiness.

Eggshell white flooring with flecks of beige in the large and medium-sized studios support people’s gentle wakening for a more soothing experience.

Embodying our commitment to creating healthy work environments for organisations and their people, Bird’s new space recognises the paramount importance of providing spaces that support mental well-being, becoming the world’s first RESET & WELL certified meditation centre.

As people’s psychological safety becomes one of the key elements shaping the future of work, delivering such human-centred, wellness spaces enables all occupants to leave an environment feeling healthier and happier than when they came in.

“A visitor once told me they instantly felt better by just being in this space. I told them there are specific reasons why. It’s because the air quality is excellent, there is circadian lighting and views to the greenery outside… It’s all purposely designed to make people feel this way.”

—— Brenda Wang, Co-Founder & CEO, Bird

About RESET® Air

RESET Air is the world’s first sensor-based, performance-driven building certification program where indoor air quality is monitored and measured in real-time. Buildings and/or spaces are required to consistently maintain healthy indoor air quality at all times, as defined by the Standard. RESET Air is comprised of comprehensive standards for hardware or sensor performance, installation, maintenance and data communication.

RESET is developed and managed by GIGA, an independent third-party organization that combines building standards development with cloud software to promote the affordability and scale of healthy buildings.