The First RESET Initiative - RESET Viral Index

April 26th, 2021 12:00

(The above is a sample image of a dashboard leveraging the RESET Viral Index.)

We are excited to officially share an opportunity to display thought leadership in air quality, healthy buildings, and ESG.

RESET has recently announced the RESET Initiative program, a kickstarter styled program for developing research that is publicly published and available for the industry to use. The goal of the RESET Initiatives program is to provide a sustainable model for implementing research initiatives that can help the entire industry by connecting sponsors from the industry to researchers.

RESET’s inaugural initiative is the RESET Index for Airborne Infection Potential, also referred to as the RESET Viral Index. Leveraging research focused around virus transmission and applying it to continuous monitoring, the index aims to inform the likelihood of airborne virus transmission in an indoor space by providing guidelines on the optimal settings for temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and PM2.5.

As with all RESET Initiatives, the RESET Viral Index will be made publicly available once it is fully funded and the research is complete. Both the logic and algorithm will be open sourced with a whitepaper detailing everything. Additionally, it will be vetted by industry and academic experts.

To participate, the initiative is looking for grant sponsors for the research at 3 tiers with the goal of raising a total of $150,000 USD:
- Silver ($5,000 USD)
- Gold ($10,000 USD)
- Platinum ($25,000 USD).

All grant sponsors will get early access to the white paper and other benefits highlighted in the image below:

And we are excited to announce that we have confirmed our first gold sponsor, ebm-papst neo:

Learn more about the initiative here:

And here’s a link to download a one-pager: Download Link

Please reach out to us at if you are interested in becoming a grant sponsor or if you have any further questions. We would also really appreciate it if you can share with anybody who might be interested in becoming a grant sponsor.

The faster we can get it funded, the sooner it will become available to all!