Becoming a RESET AP  |  Barun Aggarwal, BreatheEasy Labs

October 11th, 2018 18:08


In these new series of articles, ‘Becoming a RESET AP’, RESET introduces pioneers from across the globe who have taken up the mission of creating healthier buildings. These individuals have not just decided to become AP’s (Accredited Professionals) themselves, but have extended the standard to their employees, clients and partners, while also integrating it within their core business offerings.


Here’s what Barun Aggarwal, CEO, BreatheEasy Labs, has to say.


What made you decide to pursue becoming a RESET Air Accredited Professional?

Breathe Easy Consultants is the leading indoor air quality (IAQ) solution provider in India. We have worked with our clients on air quality problems for over 5 years and on our own building's air quality for the last 25+ years. And it was high time for a real IAQ Standard to evolve. Until RESET came about, there was no simple standard that outlined clearly and easily what different parameters to measure, what their thresholds should be, and how or when they should be measured. Not only that, RESET went as far as to standardize the measuring equipment and created a much needed “B” grade sensor category. Previously, the "A" grade sensors were too expensive to deploy at customer sites and “C” grade sensors were too flaky for the kind of projects we undertook. Hence, when I saw the RESET standard, not only did I decide to become a RESET AP, but I also got most of my team members to do the same. Now we are able to clearly define the needs and requirements to our clients and point them to an established global IAQ standard.


What makes the RESET Air Standard different?

As stated above, not only does RESET define the parameters and their threshold values, but also the quality of the measuring equipment to be used. The focus on real time information about the buildings air quality has a direct impact on the quality of the building and the health + productivity of the occupants. It has helped us understand the 'pulse' of the building and save clients loads of money by making the systems more efficient through automation. All this was possible only because of good quality continuous data. The RESET standard is something more and more people interested in the HVAC and Air Quality space should look at as it will help them establish credibility in managing IAQ projects for their clients.

About Barun Aggarwal



Barun Aggarwal, CEO of BreatheEasy, is a serial entrepreneur with international experience spanning 20+ years in several continents. He currently heads his entrepreneurial venture BreatheEasy Consultants Pvt Ltd. with an aim to help individuals breathe pure air, by also providing companies to implement solutions for improving Indoor Air Quality while reducing energy consumption.

Barun actively engages in creating awareness campaigns on climate crisis and in disseminating the message of environment stewardship, especially amongst school children. He has also co-founded an NGO, “Care for Air” to help create awareness about air pollution and health hazards associated with it.

Barun is a member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and ISHRAE. He is a member of the first Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Committee that has published the first standard in the world related to IEQ. Barun is also a founding member of the IAQA, USA and India Chapters and serves as the treasurer. He serves on the IAQ assessment working group committee of USGBC, and is a visiting faculty at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

He has been trained as a Climate Change Leader by Nobel Laureate, Mr. Al Gore, former US Vice-President and the founder of The Climate Reality Project (TCRP).

Born from the success of the globally acclaimed Paharpur Business Centre, BreatheEasy is India’s first full service Indoor Air Quality solution provider.  They have been pioneers in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) space for the last 25 years having fixed the indoor air in their own building in Nehru Place, New Delhi and making it equivalent to being up in the mountains of Switzerland.

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About the Paharpur Business Center (PBC)

Located in the busy and bustling commercial hub of Nehru Place, Paharpur Business Centre offers mountain quality fresh air like that of Gulmarg in India or Davos in Switzerland. Under the aegis of Mr. Kamal Meattle, PBC's CEO and a leading industrialist, Paharpur Business centre offers fully furnished serviced offices, co-working space, training and meeting rooms to meet the diverse needs of customers. What sets PBC apart from the rest, though, is the exceptional air quality inside the building. 

Read PBC’s full story here and listen to Mr Meattle’s inspiring TED talk at this link.