This Earth Day, naked Hub partners with RESET to raise health and wellbeing standards for coworking spaces in Asia continuing naked’s commitment to sustainability and the environment

April 21st, 2017 10:42

naked Hub, the largest network of premium co-working space in Asia , is partnering with RESET to research and integrate new health & wellness concepts within co-working. RESET is an international building standard and certification program for healthy buildings, measured in real-time.

"Health, wellness and sustainability are at the core of naked Group’s identity,” says Jonathan Seliger, CEO of naked Hub, “Air quality, access to natural light, acoustics, healthy building materials, and areas to play, stretch and move are all critical to the health and productivity of people growing their businesses in our Hubs. With RESET we’re exploring how to benchmark and communicate these benefits and creating new ways to innovate the naked experience and raise the standard of the industry.”

“Every industry has a leader which lifts the standard for everyone else. naked has done that for hospitality and is now doing it for co-working,” says Raefer Wallis, founder of RESET, “This is a first and that’s very important for the co-working industry where standards are generally low or non-existent. Many are designed to photograph well but are generally unfit for human health. Some even display false air quality data. Headaches from chemical off-gassing, drowsiness and increased sick days from lack of clean fresh air, lower productivity from poor light and poor acoustics aren’t good for anyone’s bottom line, personal health or that of the environment.”

As part of the agreement, naked and RESET will be using the Hubs as test centres for new healthy building initiatives such as fostering, tracking and communicating the level of movement and fitness within the Hubs. naked Hub will also be benchmarking air quality and the selection of healthy building materials according to the RESET Standard. RESET will use the data to inform the next generation of standards for co-working spaces. 

“People learn by doing,“ says Seliger, “Our aim is to make health & wellness fun, fully interactive and part of everyday work, even for the things that are mostly invisible like healthy materials. Ultimately, we’re building long-term relationships with our community - we want them to be part of the family for a long time. For that we need to provide the world’s best environments for business and human health."

“naked is a born pioneer,” says Wallis, “we’re excited to have them blazing a new path in co-working by seeking new ways to measure, improve and communicate the health of their people and the environment.”



About naked Hub

naked Hub is work redesigned. Our innovative and beautiful workspaces are home to a diverse community of companies and individuals who interact, collaborate, and do business with one another. 

Offering unprecedented freedom, financial flexibility, and an invaluable online-to-offline community, naked Hub is a platform designed to help start-ups, SMEs and MNCs across all industries, to increase their success in business.

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About naked Group

naked Group was established in 2007 and is focused on lifestyle and hospitality products. From unique eco-friendly resorts to immersive activities to creative workspaces, naked is rethinking how we connect with people, spaces and ourselves. naked has a big dream in a changing world to make life more fun, healthy and naked for all to enjoy.

The company’s foundation is in hospitality, first with naked Home – a boutique mountain getaway in Moganshan, Zhejiang province – and later award-winning naked Stables – the first LEED Platinum certified resort in China. Garnering attention from international and domestic media and earning awards in their industry, naked Stables put Moganshan back on the map of China’s must-go destinations. The resort business will expand to include new locations: naked Castle (Moganshan), naked Water (Taihu, Suzhou), naked Spring (Shaoxing), naked Creek (Chengdu), and more.

Over the years, naked Group has launched other lifestyle businesses – naked Hub, naked Discovery, encompassing co-working, immersive activities. naked Group is a community devoted to inspiring people to live well, live light, live healthy and “live naked”. 

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About RESET™

RESET™ is a scalable, technology driven building standard and certification program focused on real-time data for human health and wellbeing. RESET™ encompasses standards for IEQ sensor performance, calibration, installation and data reporting. 

RESET’s assessment infrastructure and metrics are used by hundreds of companies to track and communicate the health performance of buildings both new and old, be it for tenant acquisition, talent retention or to optimize the risk/return profile of real-estate investments. 

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