RESET® Certification

RESET rethinks project certification from the inside out - making it simpler, more intuitive and cost effective - one measurable step at a time. RESET Certification is awarded to projects whose real time air quality data meets the RESET Standard, following a performance audit (site and data review).

RESET prioritizes results. There are no checklists or prescribed paths. Design can follow any path as long as it leads to healthy results. There are also no registration fees. The Standard is publicly available although is best implemented by a RESET AP in order to achieve certification. This approach maximizes innovation and adaptation to place while reducing overall project costs.

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Process for RESET Air

Plan and Select IAQ Monitoring Solution

As a performance based standard, RESET begins with the integration of accredited IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) sensors and monitors. RESET sets standards for monitor performance, installation, calibration and data reporting. RESET is hardware agnostic and continuously tests IAQ monitors for compliance. Use a RESET AP to help select accredited IAQ monitors, define their location and develop a maintenance plan.

* Although use of a RESET AP is not compulsory for this stage, it highly increases the likelihood of meeting the certification standard.

Install and Commission IAQ Monitoring Solution

To conform with the RESET Standard, monitors must be properly installed and commissioned. Monitors must be calibrated and network connections must be properly configured to stream real-time data to the cloud for the provision of health and certification analytics.

* Although use of a RESET AP is not compulsory for this stage, it highly increases the likelihood of meeting the certification standard.

Record & Certify

According to RESET Standard, indoor spaces must be within health limits for PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, etc. during occupancy hours for 3 consecutive months prior to being certified.

* The site inspection and performance audit must be conducted by a RESET AP.


Certified RESET projects must be re-certified every year. As a performance based standard, re-certification is primarily data driven. It consists of a semi-automated data review ensuring occupied spaces have stayed within health limits, proof of re-calibration, as well as a site inspection.

RESET Certification Delivers Great Benefits


Over 56% of employees in China identify poor workplace health as a primary reason to change jobs. RESET Certification demonstrates commitment to staff well being. Attract and retain the world's best talent.


RESET enables positive feedback loops and helps build trust with staff and stakeholders.


RESET Certification is results based, empowering local solutions to meet performance targets. Design, build and certify international projects more cost effectively and with better results.

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