The RESET Air Ecosystem

The RESET Air Ecosystem consists of a network of expert advisors and services who are well-deserving of their rank and title within the RESET Air program. The contributions from this network are vital to the RESET Air process and they represent those champions who are actively working to regenerate our ecological, social and economic environments.

You too can become part of an ever-growing ecosystem and help us realize occupant health as a measurable deliverable for all buildings and spaces. Read on to find out how.

A RESET Air Accredited Monitor is an air quality monitoring device that continuously monitors, reports, and transfers data to Accredited Data Providers for RESET Air Project Certification.

A RESET Air Accredited Data Provider is a trusted software provider (data aggregator) that transfers data as collected from monitors to the RESET Assessment Cloud for data analysis and certification.

A true champion of the RESET Air Standard and Certification program, a RESET Air AP is versed in both Commercial Interiors and Core & Shell Standards and is responsible for guiding project teams through the entire certification process.